From a 2.4 Washington Post piece by Cindy Boren: “In one of the more unlikely developments surrounding a sports event, a Boycott Budweiser movement has taken root over the commercial that features an immigration theme.

“In a sepia-toned flashback, the company pays tribute to a German immigrant named Adolphus Busch who comes to St. Louis from Germany and decides to brew beer when he meets Eberhard Anheuser. Along the way, Busch faces taunts about how he doesn’t ‘look like he’s from around here,’ a message that comes on the heels of a controversial immigration ban imposed by President Trump.”

From a Society for Historical Archaeology post titled “Carl Conrad & Co. — the original American Budweiser”: “Although Carl Conrad was neither a brewer nor a bottler, he contracted with AnheuserBusch, then the brewers of St Louis Lager Beer, to brew and bottle his beer for him. Conrad advertised his beer as ‘the Original Budweiser,’ and there seems to be no doubt that his was the first use of that name on the American market.

“Although he was only in business for about six years, his use of embossed monograms on export beer bottles assured him a place in the history of manufacturer’s marks.”