Last night Amy Klobuchar took herself out of contention as Joe Biden‘s potential vice-presidential running mate. She simultaneously fired a torpedo at Elizabeth Warren by stating that Biden should choose a woman of color, especially given the current historical moment.

She’s probably right about the WOC thing. If I were Biden I would choose Kamala Harris, who’s the only woman of color with any sort of national exposure from the Democratic primary campaign. Or Susan Rice, an excellent Obama-linked politician and diplomat. Then again if Biden had serious balls of steel he would choose whichever woman he feels will do him the most good in the November election, regardless of heritage or skin shade.

The real reason for Klobuchar’s statement, of course, was that she knew she was dead meat anyway given her allegedly problematic record as Hennepin County prosecutor in the early aughts, which came to light in the wake of the the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Police custody. (Klobuchar was recently criticized by Left Twitter for her failure to vigorously prosecute police misconduct during her tenure.) Then again she obviously knew she was sticking a shiv into Warren’s ribs so there had to be a motive above and beyond racial tokenism.