The withdrawal of Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar from the Democratic primary race is a good thing as far as it goes. But “taking one for the team in order to stop Bernie the Destroyer” was Pete Buttigieg‘s idea first — Amy is just following his lead. Except she’s been small potatoes all along, and her forthcoming official endorsement of Joe Biden in Dallas, while approvable and appreciated, won’t mean all that much.

If we really want to stop Bernie Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg have to bail also, and they probably won’t. Between Biden and Bloomberg who seems more mentally alert with the snapping of electric synapses? Or between Biden and Warren? We all know the answers, and yet it has to be Biden because we can’t fuck around any more. Bernie isn’t just George McGovern in ’72 but also Barry Goldwater in ’64. If he lassos the Democratic nomination we’re all GOING TO HELL with The Beast.