With a little more than a month before the 12.17 release date, the buzz has gone south on Joseph Kosinki‘s TRON: Legacy. A second-hand source has seen the heavily-hyped sequel to the 1982 original, and claims it’s “a technical marvel, but uninvolving and remote despite Pixar’s attempts to infuse emotion into the father-and-son scene.”

“The primary source, obviously Pixar-friendly, feels that Team Lassiter (includingToy Story 3 screenwriter Michael Arndt, Incredibles director Brad Bird) “needed to be involved from the beginning, and not consulting after the fact.”

He also reminds that Disney “has decided against re-releasing the original 1982 film on Bluray for fear of alienating the younger audience out of fear they may dismiss it as a cheesy, kitschy movie.

“This obviously creates a problem as evidenced by the latest trailer, since the film is a direct sequel and knowledge of the backstory is necessary. Tracking is said to be disappointing at this stage, but there’s another month to go so here’s hoping.”

Kosinki, who was being called “the new Cameron” last summer, “has a bright future,” the guys feels, “so this may be regarded as his Alien 3 with better things yet to come.”