How bad can Bruce Robinson‘s The Rum Diary be? Who knows, but Anne Thompson‘s 9.27 Indiewire report about the long-delayed Johnny Depp period film based on the Hunter Thompson book, didn’t raise anyone’s hopes. She wrote that producer and Film District partner Graham King “hopes” that The Rum Diary “will go out through FilmDistrict next fall.”

In short, The Rum Diary is such a cool film that the distribution company, which is co-owned by the film’s primary producer, might decide to release it a year from now, give or take. Or not. Nobody’s sure just yet.

One way to hurry things up, according to the notoriously unreliable IMDB, is to grab a New York-to-Moscow flight on 3.30.11 in order to catch The Rum Diary‘s world premiere the following day — on Thursday, 3.31. The round-trip is only $650 and change, but the nonstop flights are roughly ten hours. The trip would be be tax-deductible, of course, and I’ve never been to Moscow, but would it be worth it?