The Sunday 11.5 issue of the L.A. Times Calendar section is mainly about “Dream Women”, and the photo editors have managed to illustrate two articles just a little bit incorrectly. In Irene Lacher’s Cate Blanchett profile (link to come), there are three photos — a sexy portrait shot of Blanchett and two smaller stills showing her in scenes from Babel and Notes on a Scandal, and yet they don’t run a shot of Blanchett in Steven Soderbergh‘s The Good German, in which she gives her fullest and most commanding performance of the year…odd. And in Carina Chocano‘s piece about several rich, well-written women’s roles on view between now and 12.31.06, it’s primarily the unseen performances that are illustrated — Judi Dench‘s in Notes on a Scandal, Kate Winslet‘s in The Holiday, Naomi Watts‘ in The Painted Veil, etc. — while Penelope Cruz‘s performance in Volver — by any fair-minded estimation one of the two or three top contenders for the Best Actress Oscar — receives no particular emphasis and isn’t illustrated at all… strange.