This Lacoste ad, directed by Seb Edwards, was first aired during the Sochi Winter Olympics. Exposing your emotional underbelly can result in feelings of fear and trepidation, but if you’re wearing a Lacoste polo shirt things might work out. Take a chance, right? You’ll notice that as Mr. Beardo leans over for a kiss, the woman’s expression and body language don’t indicate receptivity, much less enthusiasm. She just sits there with a vaguely quizzical expression as she waits for him to lean over far enough, and then she faintly responds. The levitating-above-the-coffee-table action is presumably happening in the guy’s head. So basically the guy is taking the risk (because he bought a Lacoste shirt earlier that day?) and the gal isn’t risking shit. This couple probably goes through the same routine every day. You might say “some relationships are like this” but almost all of them are. The one who loves more is always wondering where things are, and the one who loves less is always a bit less engaged and tends to skirt eye contact and is often checking texts.