Tunnel Bear is for Europeans who want to watch digital streaming that’s only accessible to U.S. viewers. It somehow tunnels under the coding restrictions. A director pal I’ve corresponded with (and whom I met in Paris last year) suggested it. $4.99 per month to watch HBO Go and Netflix — seemed like a good deal. So I downloaded and installed and paid the money and did everything right, and it didn’t work. I went “hmmmm” and installed a recent software update, and then re-started, re-jiggered, double-checked…nothing. Update: The trick or the point of Tunnel Bear is to LIE. It enables you to LIE convincingly about where you’re trying to watch streaming from. It is a FIB-ENABLING software — that’s the whole point. Rocket scientist that I am, I thought I was obliged to NOT LIE and say I was actually in France. I finally changed the location setting to United States and it worked.