Last night Deadline‘s Anna Lisa Raya quoted American Hustle producer Richard Suckle, who attended Saturday afternoon’s Deadline Contenders event at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, that David O. Russell’s film “was locked down today.” Which means that the visuals are finalized but that the music and mixing aren’t done yet. Five days from now (or on Friday, 11.8 at 9:30 pm) Russell will sit for an AFI Film Fest q & a tribute consisting of clips from Hustle as well as previous D.O.R. films. I’ve been told that Hustle won’t screen for press until 11.22 or thereabouts, but it seems a bit odd to have Russell do a big tease presentation inside the Egyptian and not give fans a special treat. But Russell can’t, I’m told. The film won’t be fine-tuned and screenable for another two weeks after the AFI thing. AFI programmers have no film due to screen after the Russell talk and this will be a Friday night so something could be screened…theoretically, I mean. It just won’t be American Hustle.