The principle reason for the McCain-Palin surge in the most recent Gallup and Zogby national polls, to hear it from one CNN analyst this morning, is the under-educated, blue-collar older female vote. A lot of these gals, many of whom were Hillary Clinton supporters previously, have fallen for Palin largely because she’s (a) female, (b) feisty and (c) being attacked or looked down upon by the snooty liberal media for her teenaged daughter becoming pregnant out of wedlock — an occurence that tens of thousands of not terribly bright or inquisitive Walmart moms can apparently relate to.
What hope can there be for anyone — for any of us, for the fate of this country — when an election decision of this magnitude is being made by a large portion of the citizenry on the basis of female identity, gut character assessment and cultural lifestyle issues alone, and absolutely no attention paid to Palin’s record or beliefs, her being inadequate to the task of the Presidency, her hypocrisy, her alleged “sambo beat the bitch!” line, her appalling views on nearly everything (global warming, eradicating polar bears, teaching creationism, an apparent interest in banning certain books from her local library)?
On top of which it shows that gender is all with these incredibly wise and perceptive women. Hillary, Sarah…what’s the difference? Does it matter all that much who a candidate is, her beliefs about what government should or can do for its citizens, he kind of policies and priorities that she stands for? Just vote for the woman candidate because she’s one of us, and because she’s stand-up tough like you have to be in this world.