Responding to yesterday’s remark that “the consistency in supporting and back-slapping low-brow entertainments straight out of the gate is what sets Americans proudly apart from other cultures….is there another big-time industrial western society as blue-collar oafish as ours?,” hotshot Manhattan entertainment journalist Lewis Beale writes the following:

“I would submit that if you’ve ever been in a European resort when it has been descended upon by lager louts from Britain, Germany, Holland or wherever, you will know that the ratio of idiots in these Western industrial powers is as high as in the U.S. I once spent a couple of days in Fuengirola,Spain, on the Costa del Sol, when it was overrun by tour groups from Britain and the Netherlands. The men started drinking at 10 a.m., and spent the entire time watching soccer games, fighting and vomiting. Quite an eye-opener.”