Jimmy’s Hall, allegedly the final film from 77 year-old director Ken Loach, is about Irish commie rabble-rouser Jimmy Gralton (Barry Ward). Set in the 1930s, it begins with Gralton returning to Ireland from U.S. (to which he’d emigrated in 1909) and founding the Revolutionary Workers’ Group in Leitrim. Wiki page: “Gralton ran a dance hall in where he arranged free events [and] expounded his political views. There were violent protests against these dances led by Catholic priests, which culminated in a shooting incident. On 2.9.33 Gralton was arrested and then deported to the U.S. on the basis that he was an alien.” Written by Paul Laverty, Jimmy’s Hall costars Brian F. O’Byrne, Jim Norton and Simon Kirby. Opening in the UK on 5.30. A Cannes Film Festival screening seems likely.