“But it’s time to bring out the white man you’ve all been waiting for. This man is so white, he makes y’all look Mexican. (laughter) He spent five long years locked up in a POW camp, and returned a national hero. (applause) And fucked every white woman in America. (sustained applause) ‘Cause five years–that makes you horny. And women, they luhhv to fuck war heroes. Basically, if you were white and female in 1973, you were fucked by John McCain.
“And then he married a fine rich white girl whose daddy owned a beer company (laughter, applause) And he wants to be president? Sheeyitt, you already got money, beer and pussy! What the fuck you want with the presidency? Quit while you’re ahead! You’re 72 years old — just drink, fuck, and play golf, you dumb white motherfucker!” — from an six-day-old N.Y. Observer piece called “Black Comic Introduces McCain,” by Jonathan Bines.