A scan of an Entertainment Weekly Fall preview photo of Paul Thomas Anderson‘s Inherent Vice shows Joaquin Phoenix‘s stoner shamus (i.e., Larry “Doc” Sportello) talking to Josh Brolin‘s Detective Christian “Bigfoot” Bjornsen. My first response to this pic is that the mutton-chopped Phoenix looks a bit like Kim Hunter in Planet of the Apes. Or Henry Hull in Werewolf of London. Rope of Silicon‘s Brad Brevet has written that Phoenix “looks incredibly odd in the picture…I can’t tell if it’s the hair or if his face looks air brushed or what, but it looks damned weird to me.” Inherent Vice will debut on Saturday, 10.4 at the New York Film Festival. It will open commercially on 12.12.

(l.) Over-pixellated c.u. of Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice; (r.) Kim Hunter in Planet of the Apes.