Update: Buck Guilt Update: Seven or eight people shared various muted enthusiasms about The Great Buck Howard yesterday afternoon. No one hated it; one guy (a major critic) was very pleased. There was general agreement about a rich, near-great performance by John Malkovich as a second-tier illusionist. An okay, somewhat less stellar performance from Colin Hanks, I heard from two or three viewers. Mixed-positive.

Yesterday: Two slivers of information about The Great Buck Howard, the Tom Hanks-produced, Sean McGinly-directed relationship drama that will screen at 3:30 this afternoon at the Eccles theatre. I don’t have it in for this film, but you hear these things and you go, “Hmmm….maybe later.”
One, a buyer told me this morning he’s heard it’s not too hot. Not bad, mind you, but not good enough to be called essential viewing. Two, a critic friend told me the talent did interviews in Salt Lake City yesterday rather than up here, which sounded a wee bit lame. (They had two gala screenings in Salt Lake City last night, and doing interviews in SLC, the critic said, “saved them a trip up the mountain.”