The fools…the mad fools. I’m fuming, weeping, sputtering. The thought of all of those over 40, not-very-well-educated women voting for Hillary Clinton (she’s just won the Nevada primary, beating Barack Obama 50 to 45) because of gender allegiance and (don’t tell me this isn’t a factor) race. Yeesh.
No mind to the fact that she’s chilly and menacing, or the fact that she inspires loathing like few other politicians in U.S. history (especially among males), or that the threat of Tracy Flick in the Oval Office will, if Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, prompt tens of millions of Democrats and left-leaning indies to at least consider voting Republican. She’s yesterday, she’s divisive, she’s poison…and her female supporters are behind her the way the O.J. jury in the crminal trial refused to find him guilty.
I just got a letter from “Hillary” via the Clinton team: “Dear Jeffrey, Have you heard? We just won the Democratic caucuses in Nevada. You have done so much to make winning moments like this possible. Thank you!” You’re welcome!