L.A. Times blogger columnist Randy Lewis (Pop & Hiss) is reporting that Martin Scorsese‘s George Harrison: Living in the Material World, a documentary about the deceased former Beatle, will be out later this year. Lewis recently got the skinny from Olivia Harrison, widow of the late George Harrison, in Las Vegas,

And that’s all — no extra questions, no digging, no curiosity, no nothing.

“I just came from New York and Monday I’m going to see [the film] again,” Olivia tells Lewis. “We’re real excited about it…Marty is such a great storyteller, and of course he always finds the story that you don’t expect.”

And what unexpected story might that be? Lewis doesn’t ask. What other Scorsese music documentary does the Harrison film most resemble, if any? Lewis doesn’t ask. Are there any heretofore unheard Harrison musical compositions in the film? Lewis doesn’t ask. Does Scorsese use some relatively obscure, in-depth filmed interview that Harrison once gave as a through-line, or does he use a hundred different interview clips? Lewis doesn’t ask. Does the Harrison film thoroughly burrow into G.H.’s childhood and early musical influences like No Direction Home took its time with Bob Dylan‘s early history and influences? Lewis doesn’t ask. Is the Harrison doc 2 1/2 hours or 3 hours or 208 minutes long, or is it a relatively tight and concise 90 minutes or two hours? Lewis doesn’t ask.