I don’t know if The Association’s “Never My Love” is heard in David Robert Mitchell‘s Under The Silver Lake or it it’s just in the trailer, but the instant I heard the opening bars I knew that this neo-noir involving “a sinister conspiracy of billionaires, celebrities, urban myths and even pop culture as we know it” will be, at the very least, pretty good. Or maybe really good…who knows? The constantly victimized, whiny-voiced Andrew Garfield as Jeff Lebowski but without the bowling, the Hawaiian shirts or the White Russians. Costarring Riley Keough as Bunny Lebowski plus Topher Grace, Zosia Mamet, Jimmi Simpson, Luke Baines and Patrick Fischler. A24 opens it on 6.22.

Sidebar: Look at the members of The Association. Obviously not every member of every ’60s pop group was cute or fetching in the way of The Beatles, Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits, Roger Daltry or Mick Jagger — most of them were ordinary looking, and some (like the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman or Pete Townshend of The Who) were on the homely side. But the Association guys were — there’s no other term for it — funny-looking. They looked like roofers or soda jerks or back-room accountants. They definitely didn’t look like rock stars. Look at them. Especially the guy on the lower right and the Hawaiian guy next to him.