Daily Beast contributor Michael Musto has chatted with an “anonymous Oscar voter” about likes and dislikes among the nominees. Whenever these articles run (The Hollywood Reporter‘s Scott Feinberg started the trend), people always call the Oscar voter in question a muttonhead, a barbarian, a fool or an old fart, etc. Musto himself says the guy he spoke to “deserves an award for the surprising things he had to say” — surprising as in clueless or idiotic. You can tell the voter is long of tooth because he doesn’t recognize that Justin Hurwitz‘s La La Land score is quite good and hummable, and because he references Singin’ In The Rain. At least he has his own views and isn’t asking his secretary or housekeeper to tell him which names to fill in, etc. I for one completely agree with the guy about Toni Erdmann and The Salesman.