It’s bad stuff and it doesn’t add up, but Lisa Blount, the Oscar-winning Arkansas native and actress best known as Debra Winger‘s best friend in An Officer and a Gentleman (’83), is dead. Blount’s mother reportedly found the 53 year-old actress-producer in her Little Rock home on Wednesday. The cause of death is a mystery.

On the 2002 Academy Awards telecast The Accountant, a short co-directed by Blount and husband Ray McKinnon, won an Oscar for Best Short Film, Live Action.

Blount and McKinnon met during the making of Needful Things (’93). They married in 1998. McKinnon appeared on HBO’s Deadwood and most recently as a high school football coach in The Blind Side.

Seven or eight years ago Blount and McKinnon moved from Los Angeles to Arkansas, reportedly “to make great Southern movies.” They collaborated on 2004’s Chrystal, in which Blount starred with McKinnon and Billy Bob Thornton.