The award selections of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association prompted some forehead-slapping yesterday, but one thing they got right was almost giving their Best Supporting Actor trophy to Silence‘s Issey Ogata. I saw Silence with everyone else yesterday afternoon at Westwood’s Village theatre, and I can tell you that Ogata’s performance was the one everyone was buzzing about — more so (and I mean no disrespect in saying this) than the perfs by Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver or Liam Neeson. Ogata has that natural snap and pizazz, and I’m telling you that he has to emerge as one the five Best Supporting Actor Oscar contenders — he really does. If Academy members blow him off, their reputation will take a hit. Silence reviews are embargoed until Saturday, 12.10 at 8 am.

Renowned Japanese actor Issey Ogata, who steals Silence and runs away with it.