Indiana Jones 4 is still in development,” George Lucas has told Variety reporter David S. Cohen. He explained that “Steve (Spielberg) and I are still working away, trying to come up with something we’re happy with. Hopefully, in a short time, we will come to an agreement . Or something.”
Indy IV — the anti-matter black-hole movie that refuses to die, that can never be satisfactorily written, that will never be made.
Lucas made this comment earlier this week following groundbreaking ceremonies for the renamed School of Cinematic Arts at USC.
He also said that — pop open the champagne! — Lucasfilm is getting out of the movie business. “We don’t want to make movies,” he told Cohen. “We’re about to get into television. As far as Lucasfilm is concerned, we’ve moved away from the feature film thing because it’s too expensive and it’s too risky. I think the secret to the future is quantity.”
Didn’t Lucas say last year that he wanted to be a indie director and make smaller, lower-budgeted features and basically be Gregg Araki, and that he was looking forward to this and felt the freedom to do this now that he’d made his billions?