The release date of Lucky You, the most unloved and unwanted Curtis Hanson gambling movie in U.S. history, has been bumped again — this time to May 4th, Hopefully it’ll snag all the people who aren’t into seeing Spider-Man 3. (Two other films opening that day are Sarah Polley‘s Away From Her and that nicely-pitched anthology flick Paris, Je t’aime.)
By my count, Lucky You, which costars Eric Bana, Drew Barry- more and Robert Duvall, was supposed to come out 9.8.06, then 10.27.06 and then 3.16.07. I can’t understand how a film by Hanson (In Her Shoes, L.A. Confidential) with a script by Eric Roth could turn out this problematically. Whatever’s wrong (or not wrong) with it, the postponements have done wonders for the want-to-see factor.