“Thanks for the kind words,” director Rod Lurie wrote earlier this evening, “and the kind regret you expressed over what happened to Nothing but the Truth (and, for that matter, What Doesn’t Kill You — the terrific film by Brian Goodman).

“However, it’s a tad misleading to say that the film made just 3K before it was yanked from theaters. That seems to indicate that some sort of disinterest is responsible for those numbers. The film was put into a couple of theaters as part of an Academy qualification procedure. Both films were only scheduled for a one-week run. But about nine days earlier, YFG went into Chapter 11. The films opened in more or less a four-wall situation without any ads, really. Indeed, no posters were even printed for Nothing but the Truth

“It’s very upsetting, of course. My producing partner Marc Frydman and I had worked for a long time on NBTT and even longer on WDKY. Both films received terrific reviews and I think it was reasonable to think that Kate Beckinsale, Vera Farmiga, Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke could be in the awards mix. Kate and Vera, after all, got BFCA noms.

“Honestly, I can say that this all feels like a bit of a drive-by shooting. YFG has been doing the best they can by allowing the films to play in festivals all over the country, but they’re in a tough, tough spot. I respect them for how they are dealing with all this. Remember, they have several other films in the pipeline.”

“That said, we have really gone for it in the Nothing But The Truth DVDs — very honest commentaries, amazingly produced docs, and some fun deleted scenes.”