A light went on as I watched the end of this Santa Barbara Film Festival red-carpet interview (captured two weeks ago) with Knight of Cups producer and longtime Terrence Malick enabler Sarah Green. When Green is asked about her upcoming projects she mentions Malick’s Weightless and right away I said to myself, “Wait…what if they called it Wait List instead?” Think about it: If Weightless is anything like To The Wonder and Knight of Cups (and how could it not be?), people are going to use the associations in that word (airy-fairy, meandering, lacking in substance, cinematic helium) to beat the film over the head. But Wait List sounds cool — an existential cousin of No Exit. “All right, sir, you’re on the wait list for the 9:30 pm flight to Oakland.” Is “Oakland’ a figure of speech? Where exactly is the plane bound? And who’s the pilot? Is Wait List some kind of mystical allusion to the fact that we’re waiting to die? On a scale of 1 to 10, Weightless is a 3 and Wait List is at least an 8 if not an 8.5. Incidentally: Listen to the Stepford wife voice of the woman asking Green the questions. She sounds like an SNL comedienne pretending to be a Barbie doll.