Props to the red-haired, man-bun guy who stood up at Donald Trump‘s rally in Duluth, Minnesota…a lone lefty in a sea of red hats. Conviction and cojones.

“Goodbye, darling,” Trump said as security hustled the guy out. “We have a single protester…he’s going home to his mom…say ‘hi’ to Mommy,” Trump said. “Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do. I couldn’t tell.”

Of course he could tell. Man-buns are a total guy thing. Mostly a blue-state or coastal thing, okay, but fairly common in all areas. Women will tie their hair into a bun at the mall but almost never at rallies or at the movies or at a restaurant. Guys will man-bun it at such places, but not women. HE has never approved of man-buns because they convey a lack of integrity. If you’re going to wear your hair long, great, but why wear it long if you’re going to wear a man-bun day in and day out?