I never read enough of Manny Farber‘s stuff to be able to liberally quote him or, frankly, feel all that close to the guy. If you’re talking majestic old-timers I was always more of an Otis Ferguson or a James Agee man. I always knew — recognized — that Farber was one of the great all-time film critics, but…ahhh, I can’t do this. I can’t say it like I ought to because I’m not feeling it because I’m under-informed.
All I know is that Farber was a wonderfully jazzy writer, and that he’ll always warrant respect. He died sometime Monday in San Diego, but he lived until age 91 so he had the right genes or the right diet or something.
Of all the essay-obits I’ve read this evening since coming home at 11 pm, I liked Village Voice critic Jim Hoberman‘s the most, followed by Glenn Kenny‘s on Some Came Running.