Where are the sturdy backboners and persons of perception and principle willing to speak truth to power in the wake of the financial tsunami that is Avengers: Endgame?

Who has the balls to stand up and state for the public record that while Endgame is an exceptionally satisfying package (I actually enjoyed it start to finish and even felt spiritually boosted) and that a superhero flick making $350 million domestic and $1.2 billon worldwide is quite the historic achievement, there’s also something about this surge of worldwide fervor that’s a tiny bit…sad?

I’m not going to rehash everything I’ve been saying over the years about your basic post-9/11 superhero fan psychology and whatnot, but those who are just cheering and “whoo-whoo”-ing this box-office triumph are definitely missing or ignoring the whole equation.

Sasha Stone tweet: “Looks like my $900 million-plus for Avengers prediction was [spot-on], though Sunday mornings for blockbusters now feel like a blood-on-the-sheets moment for our kingdom, no?”