“The House on Thursday took the extraordinary step of ousting a lawmaker from two congressional committees, exiling Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia for endorsing the executions of Democrats and spreading dangerous and bigoted misinformation even as her fellow Republicans rallied around her.

“In a move without precedent in the modern Congress, the House voted 230 to 199 — over near-unanimous Republican opposition — to remove Ms. Greene from the Education and Budget Committees.

“The move effectively stripped Ms. Greene of her influence in Congress by banishing her from committees critical to advancing legislation and conducting oversight. Party leaders traditionally control the membership of the panels, and while Democrats and Republicans have occasionally moved to punish their own members by stripping them of assignments, the majority has never in modern times moved to do so to a lawmaker in the other party.” — N.Y. Times, reported by Catie Edmondson, Nicholas Fandos and Thomas Kaplan.