Mark Ebner‘s Hollywood Interrupted site has passed along the news about former Hollywood agent Pat Dollard almost getting killed in Iraq while filming a pro-war documentary series called “Young Americans.” Last year Dollard “ditched a lucrative career as a Hollywood agent [and] took leave from his family” — this means what exactly? it makes Dollard sound a little bit like Scott Glenn‘s “Colby” character in Apocalypse Now — and went to the front lines in Iraq to start shooting the series. On 2.18 — about six weeks ago — Dollard was wounded while on combat patrol with U.S. Marines in the city of Ramadi. He “suffered a concussion, neck injuries, shrapnel wounds, a damaged leg, and severe muscle and ligament damage,” Ebner writes. “Two of the young Marines with him on combat patrol were not so lucky. They were both killed in the attack.” Yeah, war zones are tough places and sometimes the worst happens and young guys get killed…uh-huh. And the fact that Dollard got hurt pretty badly signifies what exactly, apart from the fact that a bomb had his name on it? You walk in harm’s way and you might get hurt…way of the world, right? And by the way, U.S. News & World Report‘s Paul Bedard had news about Dollard’s misfortune on March 7th.