Onetime hot-shot action director John McTiernan (The Hunt for Red October, Die Hard, Basic) has stepped into some Anthony Pellicano wiretap crap. He is now apparently looking at felony charges for having lied to the FBI, and is scheduled for arrignment on 4.17.06. Lying to the FBI carries a maximum penalty of five years. The U.S. Attorney has charged in U.S. District Court for Central District of California that on 2.13.06 McTiernan knowingly made a false statement to the FBI by claiming he had no knowledge of any wiretapping conducted by Anthony Pellicano. The U.S. Attorney’s charge is that McTiernan in fact had hired and paid Pellicano to conduct a wiretap of producer Charles Roven, whom McTiernan worked with on Rollerball (2002). McTiernan’s attorney, John Carlton of Arnold and Porter, didn’t pick up.