Talk about a misleading headline fronting a thin item. Slate‘s Kim Masters posted a short political story around noon titled “Hollywood Likes Obama” with a subtitle reading “But that could change.” It begins by saying that big Barack Obama supporter David Geffen must be disappointed by his candidate’s loss in last night’s California primary. Then it reports that Steven Spielberg, Geffen’s DreamWorks partner, is “isolated” in his support of Hillary Clinton “not only at the office but to some degree at home. ” Either the kids or Kate Capshaw are Barack supporters…whatever.
Masters then writes that “an associate says even Spielberg’s support for Hillary seems a bit dutiful at this point.” Then comes the subhead raison d’etre: “If [Clinton] emerges as the nominee, of course, industry enthusiasm will follow.” Yes, very true — kowtowing to power would be in keeping with the character of the big players in this town. And if Obama pulls ahead in March or April or next summer Hollywood will kneel before the conqueror. So the headline could have just as easily read “Hollywood Likes Obama” with a subtitle reading “And Clinton Support Is…Well, Not Exactly Surging.”