In my early-bird review of Paul Haggis‘s In The Valley of Elah (posted on 7.11.07), I pointed out that Haggis’s screenplay “is based on a true story that happened in the summer of ’03, and was first reported a year later in a Playboy magazine article by Mark Boal, called ‘Death and Dishonor.’
“It came from Boal interviewing Lanny Davis, a former U.S. Army M.P., about the death of his son, who had been reported AWOL following a tour of duty in Baghdad. Haggis bought the rights and created a somewhat fictionalized version, although he stuck to the basic bones.” I later provided various real-story links.
Here it is almost seven months later and Johnny-on-the-spot Movie City News is running a link called “The True Story of In The Valley of Elah.”