As long as militant British wokesters are going after Grease, we need to keep things going on this side of the Atlantic by cancelling Mel BrooksThe Producers (’67). It wears homophobia and anti-trans attitudes like an armband. “We’re not alone!!!” 52 years ago Gene Wilder‘s Leo Bloom went into catatonic shock over Christopher Hewett‘s Roger De Bris wearing a ball gown…what would Harry Styles say to that? Not to mention Elliot Page and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt?

And what about Andreas Voutsinas‘ performance as “Carmen Ghia”, De Bris’ assistant who can barely control himself due to close physical proximity to Bialystock and Bloom in an elevator? What is that supposed to be, funny? It’s hateful to characterize gay men in this fashion.

Grease is one thing, but the sooner The Producers is erased from showbiz culture the better for all of us going forward. And that means hauling the 94-year-old Brooks before the judges and giving him what-for.