New York weather was moist and cool when I arrived yesterday morning. Then it got a bit colder, and then a heavy rainstorm hit. It was suddenly early March. I was wearing two jackets and a scarf. My train arrived in Fairfield at 11:30 am, but I had to return to Manhattan on a 2:30 pm train to catch Alien: Covenant, and under near-typhoon conditions. Then the rain stopped and it was strangely warm again. Today it’s cool and sunny, but who knows what meteorological upheavals await? On top of which it’s cold and rainy in Paris (where both Jett and HE’s own Svetlana Cvetko and David Scott Smith are currently bunking).

I’m staying in Connecticut until early Monday morning, and then I’ll have three and three-quarter days in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Dropping my bags at a Murray Street pad and then catching a 10 am screening. Three more screenings follow plus a Tuesday interview with Long Strange Trip‘s Amir Bar Lev, along with some Jett and Cait hang time. It all concludes with a JFK-to-CDG flight late Thursday night (i.e., 11:30 pm).

One way or another, New York City’s subway system always manages to try my patience. I’m not even mentioning the aromas, and don’t get me started on the people. I thought hyena giggling was bad in Los Angeles cafes and bars — it’s worse on the A train.