I’ve no idea if the image on the left is what the Cloverfield monster looks like, but a guy sent me a link to the site that first revealed this image (livejournal) and since I’ve heard there is a monster of some kind that shows up around the 25-minute mark. I’ve been told that the left-side image is bogus, though. I’ve also been sent the image on the right. Who knows?

Speculative Clover-beast #1 (l.) and #2 (r.)

My first reaction to the allegedly bogus left-side image is, “This…this is it?” It’s just another scaly monster guy. Godzilla’s angrier kid brother…whatever. The monster on the right…I don’t know. Seems to lack something. May not be scary enough.
You know what’s scarier and cooler? You’re hiding behind a dumpster on the street pictured below and something is coming around the corner — you can hear it, you can smell it, you know it’s awful but it’s not there yet and your darkest fears are churning in your stomach. That’s ten times, twenty times scarier than the monster pictured above, regardless of whether he’s the big star of JJ Abrams‘ film or not.