There are probably millions who’ve never heard of Stuart Symington. Do a Google search — he was the Joe Biden figure of the 1960 Democratic selection and primary process. The difference is that the elder-statesman-like Symington was 59 in ’60, or 17 years younger than Biden is today. You know who Biden also resembles? Harold Stassen. Yeah, I know — nobody knows him either.

Starting around 9:05:

Bill Maher: If you had to bet your own money, who’s gonna win the nomination?
Charlie Sykes: My own money? That’s very unfair. I’m gonna say Biden because the Democrats will be too afraid to go with somebody who might lose to Donald Trump, and at a certain point the panic will set it.
Maher to George Will: Do you think it’s gonna be Biden?
Will: I think at this point people are in politics and active in the nominating [process] because politics is fun. I think the most “fun” candidate for Democrats is Elizabeth Warren.
Martin Short: And I think it’s Mayor Pete!
Maher: You think Mayor Pete’s gonna win the nomination?
Bari Weiss: I think it could be him.
Short: When you talk about the debates, he is incapable of anything coming out of his mouth that isn’t impressive. I think he’s going to be phenomenal on television, and I think he’ll do a lot of…he’ll be everywhere, and if the Millennials would actually vote…if you’re 18**, 37 seems pretty old.
Weiss to Short: You think he could beat Trump?
Maher: I think it’ll be the dirtiest election ever. I mean no matter who it is.
Short: Trump is like an old [TV] series that you liked the first half-season [of]. I’m telling you [that] people get bored. His schtick is wearing thin.
Maher: Well, it already has and he’s down in the polls so we’ll see.

** Technically an 18 year old today is probably GenZ. Millennial births roughly spanned between the early to mid ’80s and 2000.