There’s a loose-talk piece on Digital Spy saying that James McAvoy has been “tipped” to play Kurt Cobain in a movie version of Charles Cross‘s “Heavier Than Heaven“, a 2001 Cobain biography that Courtney Love (Cobain’s widow) and Howard Weitzman are looking to produce with Kite Runner screenwriter David Benioff allegedly adapting into screenplay form.

Kurt Cobain, James McAvoy

I flinched immediately upon reading this. Shouldn’t an actor at least vaguely resemble the actor he’s being “tipped” to portray? If you were producing this thing would you hire an actor who resembles Bob Dylan a lot more than Cobain, a famously blonde, blue-eyed, pretty-boy rocker with a beautiful Roman nose? McAvoy’s bee-stung honker is about as far away from the Cobain aesthetic as you can get.