A succinct capturing of the degraded state of American cinema has been provided by a Forbes article announcing that Dwayne Johnson was the highest paid actor between mid-2015 and ’16, raking in $64.5 million samolians. There’s something really wrong with the world when a guy whose most dependable trait is starring in shitty movies becomes the highest paid. Seriously.

From 6.28 HE piece, “Drawn To The Stink“:

“When Dwayne Johnson is starring in a film, you know there’s a decent chance that Johnson’s character will smash through a plate-glass window and drop three or four stories to the ground without injury. You know the film will be crude, submental, loud, never good enough. Every single film he’s starred or costarred in over the last 15 years has been the stuff that headaches are made of.

Be Cool (’05) was half decent, but Johnson’s casting in that F. Gary Gray film was a cosmic accident. Since then he’s shown an instinct for shit that few have even approached, much less rivalled.

“What other big star has a more bottom-of-the-barrel record? Whose name at the top of the poster is a more reliable assurance of a mind-numbing, kill-me-now experience? I’m asking.”