Earlier today I posted a paywalled report about the compassionate West Hollywood pet clinics who are over-charging pet owners for…well, everything. Fees for a simple neutering procedure for Anya, our three-year-old female Siamese, will run between $700 and $800 and as high as $1000, depending on how greedy and opportunistic the clinics are.

I’ve just booked Anya for a spaying operation on Thursday, 8.12, at the highly regarded Clinica Veterinaria Albeitar in Rosaraito Beach — in by 10 am, out by 3 or 4 pm. I’m told that the tab will be around $100, give or take. No, that’s not a typo.

There are many Los Angeles pet lovers who will read this and instantly conclude that the Rosarito clinic is some kind of substandard operation and that we’re probably taking a risk by bringing Anya down there, etc. You know what that is? Racism, pure and simple. Just like those HE commenters who posted side-eye responses when I mentioned having dental work at the Baja Oral Center in Tijuana.