The honorable Roger Michell will not direct the next Daniel Craig 007 film (a.k.a. “Bond 22”) for caretaker producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli due to “creative differences.” This could mean anything, but Michell told a London reporter he wanted Craig’s Bond to have “an element of cruelty” and there’s speculation that Wilson-Broccoli — who time and again have blocked fresh ideas and innovations from filmmakers regarding the 007 character, and are regarded industry-wide as total stooges and creative “stoppers” — were against this. This Dark Horizons story blends the original Nicole LaPorte/Michael Fleming Variety story with a Michell quote provided by the Daily Mirror‘s Ryan Parry, to wit: “I think there has to be an element of cruelty [in the Bond charatcer]. Certain things he does should be questionable. I think you should go, ‘Fuck, that’s not nice’. He is an assassin.” Wanted: technically talented go-along director in need of a sizable paycheck who doesn’t want to mess with the formula too drastically.