World Trade Center didn’t exactly rock the U.S. yesterday with $4,499,000 haul in some 2803 theatres, or about $1605 per print. (A friend went to a 5 pm showing in a big L.A. plex yesterday in a 400-seat theatre, and there were only about 25 people there.) And I can’t imagine that today’s liquid-bomb news from London is going to help. WTC will do less today — figure $3.6 or $3.7 million, maybe a bit more — and the prognosis is that it’s looking like a push to bring in $20 million over the coming three-day weekend.
The five-day tally may be closer to the mid 20s rather than the vicinity of $30 million, which is apparently what some analysts projected. (A piece by critic Glenn Whipp mentioned a possible $31 million haul a few days ago.)
The reviews were (68% on Metacritic), the conservative patriot crowd didn’t manifest as strongly as hoped, and the same cowards who stayed away from
United 93 held to form yesterday. World Trade Center is a heartfelt, very well made film and I’m sorry, but the numbers are in, there’s not a whole lot of heat under the pot and it’s probably fair to say there’s not a lot of joy floating around the Paramount lot this morning.
MCN’s Leonard Klady is reporting a slightly higher Wednesday figure — $4.7 to $4.9 million.