The vast majority of reasonable, fair-minded, non-psychotic humans out there understand that Donald Trump is a dangerous sociopath and a would-be totalitarian dictator who doesn’t give a damn for electoral fairness and Democratic procedure. But a significant portion of them, certainly those from the Great American Rural Region, voted for him anyway because they hate obnoxious progressives more than life itself.

They would rather live hand-to-mouth in a grubby trailer park than live under “socialism”, ridiculous as that equation may sound. Or to submit to the very real tyranny of cancel culture. They would rather tell “White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo how much they despise her “anti-racism” message than vote for a better way of life in terms of wages, health care, affordable housing and fighting corporations. They would rather entertain a fantasy of jailing or at least baton-ing or fire-hosing the “Defund The Police” crowd…the BLM looters, Portland window smashers, store burners and the like rather than vote to incrementally better their own lives.

They hate you, wokesters…almost everyone does. It’s my honest belief that if not for your scintillating contributions to the national conversation over the last three or four years, Joe Biden would have probably won in a near-landslide last night.

You know how most wokesters are responding this morning? They’re shaking their heads and saying “wow, those toxic white rural racists just don’t get it, do they? Well, I guess we’re going to have to protest and condemn all the more until they wake up.”