Saturday, 2.16, 8:30 am: Last night Tatyana and I attended Bill Maher‘s 10 pm show at the Mirage. The usual good snappy material — Trump, p.c. snowflakes, etc. He was heckled about halfway through, apparently by a rightwing Christian: “What about kindness?” Maher: “Kindness isn’t funny — I can tell you that.” Somebody yelled out “AOC!”…he either didn’t hear or couldn’t think of anything. 1200 seats, almost filled, $100 to $130 bills per head…total haul of $125K plus. Out of which Maher pockets what? $40 or $50K? I wonder how it all works. Maher is allegedly worth around $100M.

Weatherbug app said it was 48 degrees last night…bullshit. Weatherbug didn’t endure those icy, gale-force winds during our walk from Bally’s to the Mirage.

Good news about human condition: Tatyana dropped her favorite scarf as we were walking through the Mirage casino after Bill’s show. We looked and looked. A half-hour later we went to the security office next to the main cashier, and they had the scarf! “Some guy in a suit” turned it in.