Snapped on Fifth Avenue during the summer of ’09. (I think.) I honestly feel this is among the best midtown Manhattan shots I’ve ever taken.

The guy with the sharply-chiselled features in this 56 year-old one-sheet for Jailhouse Rock (’58) has an Elvis Presley-like appearance, but he never looked like Presley himself. Presley had a sultry, slightly more feminine face. You know who this guy DOES resemble, and I mean closely? Jersey Boys costar Vincent Piazza, who plays Tommy DeVito.

New Year’s Eve in Times Square, going into 1964. Notice that Otto Preminger’s THE Cardinal is occupying the big DeMille theatre corner billboard at B’way and 47th.

New Year’s Eve 1959, going into ’60. Notice that On The Beach (which opened on 12.17.59) is playing across the way from Ben-Hur, which opened at Leows’ State on 11.18.59.

Victoria and Astor theatres in late ’54. An oldie but goodie that I’ve posted at least once before.