Big frowns on N.Y. Post critic Kyle Smith for giving a one-star review to the extremely ingratiating and perfectly acted Humpday — far and away a better film that Bruno or anything else opening this weekend. Humpday currently has an 88% positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes and a 74% positive from Metacritc.

The only other major critic in Smith’s corner is the Hollywood Reporter‘s Kirk Honeycutt, whom Humpday‘s Mark Duplass and Josh Leonard refer to in this 7.6 Movieline chat with Kyle Buchanan:

Duplass: To me, [the response to Humpday] was pretty similar to the way that The Puffy Chair came out for us. It was a very little movie and there weren’t a lot of expectations about the film going in, so it was able to be a surprise hit, which is just the best place you can be: [The critics are] either going to give you a good review if they liked it, or if they didn’t like it, they won’t say anything because you’re just a little movie. No one’s gonna go out of their way to bash a $20,000 movie.

Leonard: Well, one guy at the Hollywood Reporter, he did.

Buchanan: He gave you a bad review?

Leonard: He eviscerated us.

Duplass That’s just ’cause I wouldn’t have sex with him in the bathroom.