It wasn’t for lack of trying, but I missed this morning’s 9:15 screening of Yann Demange‘s White Boy Rick. I packed last night (the Mountainside requires an evacuation by 10 am) but not entirely, and I didn’t rise early enough. My energy levels were probably lessened on some level by the not-so-hot reviews thus far. I’ll just have to see it in Toronto.

I’ll be catching a noon screening of Olivier AssayasNon-Fiction at the Pierre, and then a 3:45 pm screening of Ed Zwick‘s Trial By Fire at the Herzog. Maybe. Presumably.

Chris Willman and I will be heading out of town by sometime around 6 pm, give or take. I have this idea about driving all the way to Monument Valley, which should take around four hours. The idea would be to stay at Goulding’s or The View and awaken to all that John Ford splendor. And then drive all day Tuesday and into the evening before reaching Los Angeles.