Memo to Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil: Suddenly and out of the blue, Can You Ever Forgive Me‘s Melissa McCarthy is 2018’s leading Best Actress contender. Easily, no question, hands down. But Gold Derby editors are a bit confused about the contenders in The Favourite. Colorfully eccentric and emotionally affecting as Olivia Colman‘s performance as Queen Anne is, her role is essentially supporting. The queen is the object of everyone’s attention, but she’s malleable, flighty, unstable and bed-ridden half the time. The lead protagonists, the duelling characters with steel and assertiveness, are played by Rachel Weisz (Sarah Churchill) and Emma Stone (Abigail Masham). You’ve got to move Colman into the Best Supporting Actress category (I currently have her as the second-rated Best Actress contender but she belongs in supporting, where she would be the top contender) and move Weisz and Stone into Best Actress competition.