This Ex Machina redband trailer is obviously selling eroticism and upmarket reviews. Which is not spurious — the film is certainly spare, brilliant and chilling, and the sexual stuff is unmissable in a dry sort of way. But every hit needs a hook that the dumbest people in the room can appreciate, and as coarse as this may sound I think director-writer Alex Garland missed out when he failed to include a scene in which Alicia Vikander‘s Ava gives Domnhall Gleeson a blowjob. Call me a bottom-feeder but if the word-of-mouth on the street had included the phrase “robot goes down on a guy” business would be double what it is now. You know I’m right. You know Oscar Isaac‘s perverse genius billionaire would have definitely programmed Ava with this ability. Trust me — Metropolis director Fritz Lang would have approved. But that’s Garland for you — he’s not perverse or nervy. He’s a thinky, methodical, carefully ordered type of guy.