Robert: I’ll tell you what it is. It’s just that I can’t bear being back in London. I was happy…that’s a rare thing. Not in Venice, I don’t mean that. I mean on Torcello. When I walked about Torcello in the early morning I was happy. I wanted to stay there forever.

Jerry: (pause) We all…

Robert: Yeah, we all…feel that sometimes. (beat) Oh, you do yourself, do you? I mean, there’s nothing really wrong, you see. I’ve got the family. Emma and I are very good together. I think the world of her. And I actually consider Casey to be a first-rate writer.

Jerry: Do you really?

Robert: First rate. I’m proud to publish him and you discovered him, and that was very clever of you.

Jerry: Thanks.

Robert: I respect that in you, and so does Emma. We often talk about it.

Jerry: How is Emma?

Robert: Very well. You mist come and have a drink sometime. She’d love to see you.